DUI Law Practice Servicing Southern California: Providing Quality Representation while Fighting for Client Rights

[Huntington Beach, CA] Parker Law Center officially celebrates 10 years of providing quality affordable legal representation and fighting for client rights. Parker Law Center strives to offer a unique client experience. Beginning with the initial consultation, Attorney Kellee Parker walks every potential client through the entire Court and DMV process. Throughout representation she is personally available to answer any and all questions. Parker Law Center concentrates its practice on solely representing those charged with driving under the influence and related offenses. This focus is what allows Parker Law Center to effectively represent its clients.

What sets Attorney Parker apart from other criminal defense attorneys is that she is accessible, responsive, and has the ability to layout the facts in an understandable way. Many times, attorneys forget that clients are new to the criminal justice system and what is routine for those in the industry can be overwhelming for clients. Being accessible is the key to being able to educate clients which ultimately can help provide peace of mind. It is Attorney Parker’s goal to ensure that every client has a timely and informative response to any questions that arise. Being able to breakdown the processes and information into a more manageable and understandable way is what allows clients to provide a meaningful contribution and become a valued member of their legal team.

The legal team at Parker Law Center is vested in obtaining the best possible outcome for every client.  Parker Law Center takes an individualized approach to every case. Attorney Parker is committed to providing affordable legal representation, protecting her clients’ driving privileges and aggressively defending her clients’ rights. Every case from start to finish is handled by Attorney Parker. As a respected leader in the industry, Attorney Parker has the credentials and depth of knowledge to deliver unparalleled results. If you or a loved one have been arrested for driving under the influence contact Parker Law Center today to obtain the legal representation that you deserve!


About Parker Law Center

Parker Law Center is a Southern California DUI law practice that provides affordable quality legal representation. The legal team strives to offer a unique client experience. Parker Law Center is committed to protecting driving privileges and aggressively defending client rights.

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