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Parker Law Center provides legal representation to clients in and around the San Diego area who are facing DUI and related criminal charges. Led by Attorney Kellee Parker Harris, we understand just how impactful and life-changing the criminal justice system can be. We also recognize that facing your prosecution alone is not something that’s advised or should be attempted. Without a knowledgeable and skilled advocate on your side, you could find yourself dealing with severe penalties and potentially devastating consequences.

At Parker Law Center, your case is as important to us as it is to you. You are never treated like just another client—your case is given the attention it deserves. Attorney Parker is committed to providing outstanding counsel and open communication so you can remain confident the shared goal is to obtain the best possible outcome.

Parker Law Center can help you with the following types of DUI and related cases in San Diego County:

  • First time offenders
  • Repeat offenders
  • Felony DUI charges
  • Reckless Driving charges
  • Hit & Run charges
  • Underage DUI charges
  • Commercial DUI charges
  • Violations of Probation
  • Driving on a Suspended License charges
  • Zero Tolerance
  • APS hearings conducted at the San Diego Driver Safety Office

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Why do so many people choose Parker Law Center to represent them when they are facing DUI charges? Simple: we provide quality, fierce and affordable representation. Parker Law Center provides all-inclusive legal representation both in court and at the DMV hearing. Attorney Parker has the knowledge and experience to obtain a successful outcome on your case. She is committed to personally representing you in court and at the DMV hearing. Our legal team will be available throughout your entire case to provide meaningful communication and answer any questions you may have.

We are standing by and ready to help if you have been arrested for a DUI! Call the San Diego DUI defense attorney at Parker Law Center by dialing (800) 805-8804 for a free case evaluation today!

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Our firm brings over a decade of insight and experience in the area of DUI law. We have also found success with the number of cases we have taken to trial. When you place matters into our hands, you can depend on us to fiercely advocate for your rights and protect your driving privileges.

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