DUI Expungements

Would you like to expunge your DUI?

A DUI conviction is a serious offense that can continue to negatively impact your life even years after you have served your sentence and completed all terms of probation. One of the most challenging consequences is the impact of the conviction on a person’s ability to secure a job. The skilled legal team at the Parker Law Center can apply for an expungement of your conviction.

An expungement is a process by which the defendant withdraws his or her guilty plea, enters a plea of not guilty and the Court dismisses the case pursuant to Penal Code Section 1203.4. If the defendant were convicted of a felony charge, there is a two step process. First, we must file a 17b motion which is motion to reduce the felony to a misdemeanor. This can be done in the case of “wobblers.” A wobbler is an offense that could have been charged as either a felony or a misdemeanor. Should the Court grant the reduction to the misdemeanor, then the 1203.4 motion is filed to have the case dismissed.

Typically, in order for the Court to grant the expungement, the applicant must have successfully completed probation and not picked up any new cases. There are circumstances in which qualified criminal attorneys can apply for early termination of probation, followed by a motion to expunge. Contact Parker Law Center today for a free consultation regarding the expungement process and to determine if expungement is a possibility for you!

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