The “Avoid the 100,” anti DUI campaign is currently in full force to remove drunk drivers from the road and making drivers think twice before getting behind the wheel after a few cocktails. This campaign started on December 16, 2011 and will remain in effect until January 1, 2012. During this time period the task force has planned to conduct 32 DUI/driver’s license checkpoints and have 202 DUI patrols roaming the streets. CHP is also in maximum enforcement during this 2 week period on all the state highways, freeways and unincorporated roads.

Thus far Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has reported 1,506 arrests between December 16, 2011 to December 25, 2011. 138 of those 1,506 arrests were made on Christmas day alone. This is an increase from 2010 where during that same time period there were 1,260 arrests for DUI.

With the New Year’s Eve holiday just a day away, a few agencies are offering free services to help combat the drunk driving epidemic, and to help ensure that many have a safe end of the year celebration. The Automobile Club of Southern Californiais offering its yearly free “Tipsy Tow” service. It is available starting at 6 PM on December 31st to 6 AM on January 1st. This service offers drivers a free tow home up to seven miles, available in 13 Southern California counties. For rides longer than seven miles, motorists can expect to pay the rates charged by the tow truck company. You can contact 1-800-400-4AAA to use this service.

For the 10th year in a row, the Southern California Transportation Authority is offering free bus rides on New Year’s Eve starting at 6:00 PM and ending New Year’s Day at 2:30 AM. To check out bus routes and schedules, call (800) 805-8804 or

If you or someone you love is arrested for a DUI this holiday season, it is imperative that you contact a competent DUI defense attorney to assist you with your matter. An experienced DUI defense lawyer will aggressively defend your rights and help minimize the harsh penalties associated with a DUI conviction. These consequences include but are not limited to license suspension, fines, jail, and mandatory enrollment in an alcohol program. Contact the Parker Law Center for a free consultation today! (800) 805-8804