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It is important that you select the correct California DUI Lawyer to represent you. A California DUI Lawyer should have extensive knowledge of DUI laws and have vast experience representing DUI clients. Kellee Parker will personally represent you at the DMV hearing and in Court; your matter will not be handed off to a junior associate. It is vital you contact a skilled California DUI Defense lawyer to assist you with your DUI. Only an experienced defense attorney in California can assess your case and build your defense. It is imperative you contact a highly qualified California DUI lawyer today to protect your rights. The legal team at the Parker Law Center is committed to walking you through each step of the process and providing you with the quality legal representation that you deserve. A DUI in California is a serious offense that can result in the following penalties:

Probation, jail time, work release, alcohol monitoring, mandatory attendance at a treatment program, fines and fees, installation of an ignition interlock device, and license suspension. Hiring a competent California DUI defense lawyer Is the most important decision you will make.

The Clock is ticking, 10 days to request a DMV hearing to protect your license.

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