A new law under consideration called “The Roads Safe Act” would allow an alcohol detector to be put in every car standard like airbags and a radio. The device would allow six violations before stalling the car. The device would be calibrated to 0.03 percent and at this level would trigger a violation. As of now, ignition interlock device systems are only installed into cars upon Court and/or DMV order.

The American Beverage Institute has made a public statement that these type of alcohol detectors should only be used for drunk drivers not everyone. According to a representative of the American Beverage Institute, “this is going to eliminate peoples’ ability to have a glass of wine at dinner, have a beer at a ball game and then drive home. That’s our concern because that’s something we think people should be able to do.”

The proposed bill would distribute $60 million dollars over the next five years to develop new devices such as technology that would allow an individual’s blood alcohol content to be obtained by just touching the steering wheel. This proposed bill is very controversial however because many who do not drink feel they should not be penalized with the extra hassle which should only be intended for those who do drink. Many others, on the other hand, think it is a good idea and will help keep the roads safe.

Drinking and driving has been a highlighted concern more than ever in the public eye. More and more proposals such as the one above are being made and police are out in full force concentrating on catching those drunk behind the wheel. If you or someone you love has been arrested for DUI, it is essential to contact a skilled DUI defense attorney to defend your rights. Contact the Parker Law Center today for a free consultation! (800) 805-8804