1. Failure to hire an experienced DUI defense lawyer:

DUI laws are complex and hiring a lawyer not experienced in the field of DUI can be costly to your defense. You need to hire a fierce DUI lawyer who is skilled in handling DUI cases, is qualified to administer field sobriety tests, and knows how to challenge blood alcohol content results. A competent drunk driving lawyer who focuses solely on DUI related crimes can make the difference in the outcome of your case. Call the Parker Law Center today for a free consultation.

2. Not realizing the seriousness and potential consequences of this offense:

A DUI conviction will remain on your record permanently and will be used as a prior offense for the next ten years. If convicted you could be facing jail time, probation, work release, an alcohol education program, license suspension, and thousands of dollars in fines and fees. Hire an experienced DUI lawyer to defend your constitutional rights and help mitigate these consequences.

3. Not preserving your right to an APS hearing to fight your license suspension:

You have ten days from the date of your arrest to contact the local Driver Safety Office to request an Administrative Per Se (APS) hearing to fight your license suspension. Should you not contact the Driver Safety Office within ten days, you will lose your right to the APS hearing and your license will become suspended automatically 30 days from the date of your arrest. It is vital you contact a skilled DUI defense lawyer within the first few days following your arrest to ensure that your hearing has been correctly requested. At the Parker Law Center, the DUI defense team will request your hearing in addition to any and all discovery related to your matter by telephone. After we speak to the Driver Safety representative, we will send a confirmation fax and letter via certified mail to ensure your right to a hearing has been protected. Once the hearing has been requested and discovery has been received, skilled DUI lawyer Kellee Parker will start preparing your defense.

4. Failure to appear in Court:

Should you not hire a drunk driving defense lawyer and fail to appear in Court, the Court will issue a bench warrant for your arrest and revoke any bond. The next time you are pulled over for a minor traffic infraction, the peace officer will take you into custody. The failure to appear can have serious consequences. Appearing in Court can result in feelings of anxiety and apprehension. In most misdemeanor cases, your DUI lawyer can appear in Court on your behalf without you ever having to be present in Court. Call the Parker Law Center today to discuss your options.

5. Not obtaining additional discovery on your case:

Hiring a skilled DUI defense lawyer is necessary to ensure that the entire discovery has been subpoenaed on your case. The best way to prepare a defense is to review the evidence and poke holes in the prosecution’s case. A competent DUI lawyer will subpoena any and all reports, records, video, audio, maintenance and calibration records on the breath testing device, and laboratory testing practices and methods for blood tests. This information is vital for challenging field sobriety tests and blood alcohol results. A fierce drunk driving lawyer will analyze the evidence and start building your defense.

6. Driving while on a suspended license:

Driving on a suspended license is a criminal offense and can result in a punishment of 6 months in jail and a $1000 fine. If the license suspension is due to a DUI conviction, the penalties are more severe and can result in the mandatory minimum sentence of 10 days in custody, installation of an ignition interlock device, probation, and mandatory fines. If you are charged with driving on a suspended license you should contact an experienced DUI defense lawyer today to help mitigate the consequences.

7. Discussing your case with people other than your DUI defense team:

Anything you say can and will be used against you in a Court of law; thus, do not discuss your case with anyone other than your DUI lawyer. Any communication between you and your drunk driving lawyer is considered privileged and cannot be used against you in Court. Beware, posting comments, pictures, and information on Facebook, Twitter, and other electronic outlets can be used against you in Court; thus, you should refrain from such communications. Contact the Parker Law Center today for a free consultation and defense strategies.

Take Action Now to Protect Your Constitutional Rights and Driving Privileges:

If you have been arrested or charged with a DUI or related crime in one of the following counties: Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, or Ventura, call the Parker Law Center today for your free consultation with an experienced, competent, and compassionate DUI defense lawyer. (800) 805-8804