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CHP Reported No Fatal Accidents DUI Related in Southern California during the Thanksgiving Holiday Enforcement

Eighty two individuals are facing DUI charges in Southern California after being arrested by California Highway Patrol this past Thanksgiving holiday. In Southern California the holiday maximum enforcement period began 6 PM on November 23, 2011 and continued through 11:59 PM on November 27, 2011. There were no fatal accidents reported by CHP during this Thanksgiving holiday [...]


St. Patrick’s Day 2014 The Luck of the Irish Will Not Keep You Safe from a DUI

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” anti DUI campaign will be in maximum enforcement starting this Saturday, March 15th to Monday, March 17th due to the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. NHTSA is taking a spin on their current campaign tagline, specifically for St. Patrick’s Day, by posting ads stating “luck won’t [...]


7 Costly Errors of Not Hiring A DUI Lawyer

1. Failure to hire an experienced DUI defense lawyer: DUI laws are complex and hiring a lawyer not experienced in the field of DUI can be costly to your defense. You need to hire a fierce DUI lawyer who is skilled in handling DUI cases, is qualified to administer field sobriety tests, and knows how to challenge blood [...]


Apple Jumps on Bandwagon to Limit Applications that Inform Users of DUI Checkpoints

More than two months after four United States Senators sent a letter pleading with Google, RIM, and Apple to remove DUI Checkpoint applications, Apple has decided to succumb to the pressure and comply. RIM, the maker of Blackberry, responded almost immediately to these senators’ request by banning these applications back in March 2011. Apple; however, just updated [...]


California DUI Checkpoints, What You Need to Know

California DUI checkpoints have stringent guidelines that they are required to adhere to set forth by the California Supreme Court in Igersoll vs. Palmer. If the police do not follow the guidelines set forth in Ingersoll vs. Palmer, the checkpoint is deemed unlawful. In other words, any evidence gathered prior to your DUI arrest at an unlawful [...]


Experienced Moreno Valley DUI Defense Attorney to Represent You On Your DUI Charges

Have you or someone you loved been arrested for DUI in Moreno Valley? If you answered yes to this question, it is critical that you contact a competent Moreno Valley DUI defense attorney to review your case. An experienced Moreno Valley DUI attorney will provide you with the superior representation that you deserve. A DUI conviction in [...]


What If I Am on Probation for a DUI and Was Caught with a Measurable Amount of Alcohol in My System?

Generally, most states treat DUIs as a serious offense, but California can be particularly strict when it comes to alcohol consumption and DUI offenders who are on probation. In these cases, California has what is known as a “Zero Tolerance” policy, which states that any measurable amount of alcohol in the blood is enough to result in [...]


New Car Manufacturers May Provide Standard Alcohol Detection

A new law under consideration called “The Roads Safe Act” would allow an alcohol detector to be put in every car standard like airbags and a radio. The device would allow six violations before stalling the car. The device would be calibrated to 0.03 percent and at this level would trigger a violation. As of [...]


AB 91, Is it Working?

Many California motorists are unaware of a pilot program, AB 91, which went into effect July 1, 2010 that forces first-time DUI offenders convicted in Los Angeles, Sacramento, Alameda and Tulare counties to install ignition interlock devices (IIDs) in their vehicles for a five month period. Second-time convicted DUI offenders in these counties are required to install [...]

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